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“But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?” Peter answered, “You are the Christ.” (Mark 8:29)


Jesus asks a question of his disciples that people throughout the world have been struggling with for close to two thousand years. Who is this person who has transformed the lives of so many? Why does he matter so much? What can he teach me about being true to myself.

On March 8th, please join us for refreshments at 10:30 AM, and then worship at 11 AM. We will explore the question of what it means to follow Jesus, by taking up our cross. Like Jesus, we are called to seek justice and hope for our neighbours of every background.

In addition, on March 8th, we share in the gift of the Lord’s Supper. We remember how much God loves each one of us, and all the world, revealed in the good news of Jesus Christ.

Last Sunday, March 1st, we had a wonderful service learning more about the mission work of Change Her World that supports girls and women in Malawi. You are welcome to learn more about this mission through their website:

This website shares two further Missions that are grounded in our congregation: the Alley and the Cancer Care Mission.

Let us join together in this Lent season to explore what it means to follow Jesus as his disciples.


Mark Gedcke

Minister of Knox Church

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