Reverend Mark Gedcke


The Rev. Mark Gedcke is grateful to be the minister of Knox Church in Stratford. Mark loves to sing and play the guitar. He is a good listener, and supportive to those in his care. Mark is motivated to encourage the faith formation of others, as together we strive to be disciples of Jesus. Mark likes to play active games with children and youth. Lane swimming gives him energy. He enjoys breathing fresh air as he goes for a walk in the woods. He is grateful for the opportunity to volunteer at Camp Kintail in the summer.

Mark has been a teaching elder of the Presbyterian Church in Canada since September 1989. He was a minister at St. Lawrence Presbyterian Church in London (1989-2000) and Calvin Presbyterian Church, Kitchener (2000-2012).

Mark is married to Anne Wright-Gedcke. They have two children.

You are welcome to contact Mark by emailing him at